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​I have managed a wide range of projects and programmes for the renewable energy sector over the past 18 years.

I enjoy creating cost effective and  innovative solutions to the strategic challenges caused by large scale infrastructure development.

Some personal highlights are listed below: 


The Crown Estate's Strategic Workstreams | Set up and led the programme of strategic risk management for offshore wind in the UK for 4 years

UK Fisherman's Information Mapping Project |  Collating and carefully sharing of accurate fishing activity for UK waters - a world first!

Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Project | initiated a major industry led project to mitigate offshore wind consent risk


Triton Knoll | Delivered the onshore consent and land rights for this 60km cable route


Navitus Bay | Supporting the consenting team through EIA and examination


​​Gwynt-y-Mor | Managed the conclusion of the EIA and S36 submission; responsible for post-submission activity; proud to see it in operation since 2014

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